The Greater Faith Temple Church of God In Christ 


Rev. Dr. Lincoln W. Norris - Pastor

The Most Reverend Lincoln White Norris 
Senior Pastor Emeritus, Greater Faith Temple Church of God In Christ

The Reverend Lincoln W. Norris was the senior pastor and presiding prelate of THE TEMPLE, in other words, GOD'S ANOINTED MINISTRY. During his tenure as pastor, he has shaped many lives throughout his community and beyond. He started with just a small had-held bible, and a mouth, and words filled the churches that he touched. Overall, Pastor Norris was an anointed preacher, teacher, and leader of the years he's been active and inactive.

Reverend Lincoln Norris was born Lincoln Jacquin Norris in Savannah, GA. His father, the late pastor before him, the late Bishop J. Heurt Norris (1941-2006) and late First Lady, Mother Christine Norris, birthed 13 children into the world and instilled in to them the importance of a Christian education, also known as The Word of God. Norris was educated in several school systems, including the Detroit Public School system. Norris began his preaching at age 9, when his father stepped him onto the wooden podium and began the teaching of The Beaitudes. Jesus' ministry and so on were Norris's favorites, and he could tell you on and on of how he continued his career in the minstry. He was ordained by the late Elder W. J. Seymour, IV, with his father and first cousin, the late Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, the then Assistant Presiding Bishop of the COGIC, Inc. by his side. His father direacted the General Board of The Bishops in the late 1950's to early 1960 and so on. Pastor Norris moved the church, with the elders by his side to many location in the city of Detroit and Ferndale Township. He also founded the International Faith Assemblies of The World, now presided by Dr. Brandon Cousar.

In early 2013, Pastor Norris grew ill and was later debating to retire as minister. Reverend Norris had accomplished so much in his years of living, and the Lord has blessed him with gift of saving people, healing the lost and the broken. as the time grew nigh, Pastor finally hear the sound of God, whom has commanded the great preacher to pass the mantle.  And so, in 2014, Pastor L.W. Norris had retired from the pulpit ministry and has yet to seek a current pastor. For now, the leadership is being controlled by our own, Dr. Brandon J. Cousar and the Assistant Minister, Sebastien J. Norris. The two have created a stepping stone of great leadership for many years, and has continued to push forward the legacy that Pastor L.W. Norris has left. For as Rev. would say, "Walk By Faith, And Not By Sight", and "It Is No Secret What God Can DO!" Not to mention this one, "One Lord, One Faith, and One Baptism!"

Drs. Brandon J. Cousar and Burkley S.J. Norris

Dr. Brandon Cousar is no ordinary preacher--he is a man with a plan for God's people...and he's not doing it alone!

Dr. Cousar was ordained by the great Reverend L.W. Norris, pastor emeritus of The Temple. He has given his most to the world and the people he surrounds. He was born in Sumter, SC. Drs. Cousar and Norris (Burkley S.J.) has teamed up to preach the Gospel of love and Faith for years, and he give honor to God for having him to do that. Much history has been placed about them, but one thing in mind can say about the two, they would tell you, "Don't fret--for the Lord is nigh!"